Triangulation: Ascertaining height, speed and distance of a UFO/UAP

When receiving reports of UFO/UAP sightings, an investigator seeks substantive data from witnesses that will allow the approximate height and speed of the UFO/UAP, and the distance of the UFO/UAP from the observer, to be calculated.

If one witness, (A), is able to give a horizontal angular estimation between the point at which the object appeared, and the point that the object subsequently disappeared, along with the time of the sighting and duration that the object was in view, and if another witness, (B), is also able to provide similar data, then mathematic formulas can be used to calculate the distance of the object from ‘A’, along with the speed at which speed the object was traveling. Similar information can also be used with a different mathematical formula to calculate the height of the object.

To calculate a triangulation, the investigator requires a lateral tracking angle, and/or the angle of the sighted object above the horizon, as well as at least two other witnesses observing the same object from different locations. This will also apply to night sightings, although there would need to be specific information provided to ensure that the witnesses were observing the same object.

See an example of UFOCUS NZ’s use of triangulation:

'Flaming’ UFO Sighted Across Central North Island, New Zealand, 1995

Maps of Hamilton area showing triangulation using data from two separate sightings of the same object.


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