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UFO = unidentified flying object (term the public is most familiar with, but carries certain connotations)
UAP = unusual aerial phenomenon (a more comprehensive and objective term)
UAS = unusual aerial sighting (term used by UK, Australian, and New Zealand Defence Forces)

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    Senior Air Traffic Controller Graeme Opie's painting of a silver orb-like object with a flaming trail,
    which he observed from the Hamilton International Airport control tower, 9 March 1995.

    Request for information: The Gisborne UFO Flap

    Suzanne Hansen of UFOCUS NZ was living in the Gisborne area at the time of the Gisborne UFO flap and witnessed a number of strange anomalous lights and objects in the sky.

    Were you also living in the Gisborne/East Coast area during the late 70's and early 80's, and did you experience:
    UFO / UAP sightings?  Sightings of unusual anomalous lights?

    We would like to hear from you to document your sightings or experiences.

    UFOCUS NZ has a considerable archive of information on the Gisborne UFO flap and we are keen to add to it.  If you had personal experiences or if you have newspaper clippings etc., please contact us.

    Please fill out our Report Form or contact Suzanne directly by email, post or phone.

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