UFOCUS NZ is currently preparing historic sighting reports from our archive, to be posted on our website.  This is a huge task and will take some time.

Selection of Historic Sighting Reports

UFOCUS NZ has an archive of historic UFO reports and accounts from around New Zealand, dating back to 1908. We have presented a few examples of those reports on this page for your interest, and they will be replaced from time to time.

Date: June 1956
Time: Late afternoon/early evening
Location: Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, North Island
Features/characteristics: silver-grey circular metallic craft
The witness was 18 years old at the time, and living at home with her parents on their family farm.

The family lived on a small Romney Marsh stud farm a mile from the Waipukurau township. The farm bordered the Tukituki riverbed on the north side, the AMP show grounds on the west side, a neighbour’s farm on the east side, and Mt Herbert Rd on the south side.

One night in late June when the witness’s father and brother were returning from the wool shed and were taking their boots off at the back porch, they noticed an extremely bright white light slowly moving from east to west above the Tukituki River, which was north of their vantage point.

The father called out to the witness and her mother, to join them on the porch and have a look at this strange light. By the time the two women left dinner preparations to get outside, the light had disappeared. They joked with the father, telling him he must have been seeing things, before returning to the kitchen.

A few seconds later the farmer and son called out again, and the two women rushed out the door to the porch, to see the bright light moving along above the river from east to west. As it was disappearing from view, it gained altitude and then turned suddenly and acutely to move at a fast pace directly towards the farmhouse. The witness started screaming to her father, asking him what on earth could be about to happen to them, and asking whether they should leave the house in case we were killed by this object.

However, as the object descended in altitude, they realized that it was not going to land on their house, but it came down between the cowshed and a line of pine trees by the home boundary fence – approximately 50 yards away.

The object within the light was now clearly visible. A small silver-grey saucer-shaped object, about the length of a car in width, came to a halt and hovered about 20ft from the ground over the lambing paddock, very close to where the dog kennels were positioned on the other side of the trees. It was emitting a brilliant array of light that lit up two entire four acre paddocks, which were divided by a line of pine trees running from the farm boundary to the Tukituki river bed. The object lit up the two large paddocks as if it was broad daylight. The witness stated that the sheep grazed unperturbed, but the dogs went absolutely berserk and howled like they had never been heard to howl before. They leaped and strained on the end of their chains trying to get away. (The witness has since wondered if the object was giving off a high pitched sound that was beyond human hearing range, but clearly audible to the dogs’ sensitive hearing.)

The witness felt extreme fear, pleading with her father to help explain what was going on. However she soon realized that her father, mother and brother seemed to be transfixed on the spot, whilst she hid behind her father. She recalls them just standing perfectly still, without any movement, reaction or conversation. In those moments, she felt very afraid and alone.

The witness described the eerie silence from this object as "perplexing", and that the air around the family felt as if it was somehow “pressing down” on her. She was terrified that someone was going to take them away, but the object just hovered there. After a few moments, it took off in an upwards trajectory, lighting up all the banks of cloud until it appeared to be moon-sized, then took off at great speed, in fact “in a flash”, due east. It then suddenly stopped and hovered, and in a flash, moved due north and disappeared.

When the witness’s family regained their senses, they recalled some of the incident but were not shocked like the witness herself, who had remained conscious throughout the event. She was the only one who shook uncontrollably for several hours and had a severe headache which did not subside until the next day.

After this experience, the father swore the family to secrecy, and they were not allowed to mention any of it to anyone for fear of becoming the laughing stock of the community. However some time afterwards, the father took his daughter into his confidence and told her that he had seen unusual things in the sky on other occasions and said that he would show her some of them in daylight.

True to his word, on another occasion they saw similar objects sitting above the horizon of the hills that were part of the neighbour’s farm. On this occasion, there were three metallic-looking objects visible that were hovering tilted on an angle, amidst the clouds. The witness has often wondered what else her father had witnessed or experienced that he did not share with his family.

Colour-enhanced photo of the family farm showing details from the event.


Date: Late August or early September, 1971
Time: Approx 4.30 p.m., late afternoon
Location: Ohinepaka, south of Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, North Island.
Features/characteristics: cone or top-shaped object with flashing lights; paralysis
“I was working on a sheep station up the Cricklewood Road, Ohinepaka, just south of Wairoa, Hawkes Bay in 1971. It was late afternoon, around 4:30 p.m. and I was heading back to the station buildings. There was plenty of sunshine and the sky was cloudless with no wind. I came through a gate on horseback with a team of four dogs and we moved onto the farm road high up on a hill. Suddenly, all the dogs ‘stopped dead’ in the middle of the road, just staring straight ahead with all the hair on their backs standing on end; all the barking and running about ceased. I was thinking this was odd when the horse came to a standstill as well, with its clipped mane standing on end - all 5 inches plus! I couldn't work out what was going on! They just stood there like statues - no barking or movement of any kind. There were no muscles twitching on the horse’s neck and flanks. Then it hit me that I could no longer move my body either! I was sitting there on horseback, completely paralyzed, with the exception of slight eye and head movement. I couldn't move my body or limbs, and like the dogs, I couldn't make any sound. It was absolutely terrifying.

Then, I saw what was happening! Straight down the valley ahead of us over a low ridge- line about a quarter of a mile off, was a jet black, cone-shaped flying object with flashing lights rotating around its edges: red, blue, and white. One light would be red, then it would change to blue, then white. The bottom of the object was curved like a shallow bowl. It was at least 50 feet across in width and maybe twenty feet in height from the base to the top of the cone. I could see it as clear as a bell! It had no windows or portholes that I could see, and it resembled those tops that kids used to play with. The horse and dogs never moved a muscle the whole time I was watching it - it was as if they didn't even breathe.

I had a panoramic view from my position. Initially, I was looking down on the object as it was moving down the valley towards us, but eventually it moved up higher over the hill-line, so I was able to observe it from different angles as it moved about out in front of me. The object’s flight path was as follows: it moved up a ridge line and hovered at the top of the hill. It then moved along the hill line about 1000 yards or more and stopped. It hovered there without moving or making any sound, but the coloured lights kept flashing around its edges in a sequence. It traveled down another ridge line, stopped dead in its tracks and hovered there. It then elevated some 500 feet or so straight up into the air above the hill and hovered there without moving. Suddenly it just shot off up into the sky on an upward curved flight path, heading south out over the sea. I have never seen anything move so fast, from zero to hundreds of miles an hour in seconds, without making any sound at all.

About then, the horse, dogs and I all ‘came back to life’ and started to move again as if we had been released from a ‘hold’. To me, it was an extremely frightening experience. I know very well that this thing - this craft - was not of this world. Nothing in this world that I know of flies or moves in this way without making a great amount of noise. This craft was controlled by someone or something.

The time period that I watched this craft would have been five to 10 minutes - just sitting there unable to move. It was not a helicopter. A helicopter cannot control its flight like this craft did. The speed acceleration from zero to hundreds of miles an hour in seconds, without noise, was incredible. This craft did not rotate or change its angle of flight position (turn on its side, etc) during the whole time that it was moving up and down the ridge lines; it was under full control.

At first I did not tell the station owner and workers, or anyone else about this incident for fear of ridicule. However two weeks later, we noticed that a small Hereford bull had disappeared from the station and it was then that I told them what I had experienced. The bull had been in a paddock with a herd of Angus cows, situated at least a quarter of a mile from the road, over a small river and out of sight. Nobody except the farm employees would have known that it was there. I spent three days riding around the station on horse- back looking for it, and so did the owner. Not a hair of it was found. The bull didn't just go walkabout as he had too many cows to keep him happy! I have often wondered whether the bull was taken by this craft - perhaps in the same paralyzed state that the animals and I had been in.

This incident is as clear in my mind now as it was on that day - the memory has never left me. I know to this day what I saw. I think it was a craft from another world - a ‘UFO’ - it was like a passing ‘moment’ in time where everything stood still.

Former sheep station worker.

UFOCUS NZ comment:
For more info on unusual shaped craft visit: http://www.uforth.com/
Scroll down to conical hat, bell, cone, & diamond shaped craft.

Artist's impression of craft, confirmed as accurate by the witness.


Date: 16 February 2003
Time: 6.30 pm
Location: Whitianga, Coromandel Peninsula
Features/characteristics: cylindrical object accompanied by two discs
Three sightings were made by the observers, approximately 5 minutes apart. It was early evening, with plenty of sunshine; the sky had some broken cloud cover with a SW wind.

Three retired folks, a husband and wife and a friend, observed two mustard/zinc-like coloured discs appear from behind a bluff, SSW, closely followed by a silver cylindrical craft with pointed ends, no tail, and horizontal wings. The discs appeared between the size of five and ten cent coins held at arm’s length. They do not recall if there were any windows in any of the craft, but commented that the cylindrical object left a shimmering trail behind it. All three craft were moving fast below the clouds and reflecting sunlight. They estimated the craft were at an altitude of approx. 1000 to 1500 feet, and at one stage, the cylindrical craft was approx.1000 metres away from the observers.

The three craft disappeared and reappeared from behind trees and the bluff. At one point, the two discs could be seen between the neighbour’s roof and a nearby tree. The larger craft flew the same path, but reappeared and flew to a hill over the other side of the harbour. The discs were moving about considerably in the sky during all three sightings of the objects. The larger cylindrical craft hovered in clear view for a short while. Eventually the three craft moved away to the east at speed and were lost from view over harbourside hills.

The witnesses were amazed by the sighting, particularly as the objects made no sound. The first to see the objects exclaimed, “What the hell’s that!”, and drew the objects to the attention of his wife and a friend. They reported the event to the Air Force.

This sighting was preceded by a number of other sightings of strange lights and a ‘bullet-shaped object’ over a period of five days in the Thames, Coroglen, Coromandel Peninsula and Mercury Bay areas. These sightings were reported in a number of articles in the Hauraki Herald. The Hauraki Herald also contacted a squadron leader of the NZ Air Force, but the matter seemed to end there.

Witness's drawing of the object, and pertinent details.


Date: 3 November 1962
Time: 9.30 pm GMT
Location: South Pacific Ocean
Features/characteristics: boomerang-shaped configuration of lights
The duration of the sighting was approximately five minutes. There were several witnesses. It was a clear starry night.
The reporting witness was onboard the MV Ngatoro in the South Pacific Ocean, about four days out from the Panama Canal, en route to Wellington, New Zealand. They were about two days sailing past the Galapagos Islands on a southwesterly course, and steaming at about ten to twelve knots.

An unusual aerial object was sighted traveling from northwest to southeast, roughly in a line from Hawaii through to Peru - "In other words…over a lot of empty ocean!" The witnesses could not ascertain the distance, but they had "a wonderful clear display of whatever it was."

The witness states, "When the sighting occurred I was on lookout above the wheelhouse with the Second Officer and another crew member. One of the Officers looked at it through binoculars, but did not comment whether there was a definite shape or if it was a single craft. There was no sound. It is difficult to say whether it was a single vehicle or a group in the night sky. It had all the hallmarks of being One Massive Object, as the power source came from the outer extremities of what could be described as a boomerang configuration and there was a fixed light at the leading edge. The power source at these extremities left almost indelible bright 'contrails' across the sky from horizon to horizon, and took some five to ten minutes to dissipate!"

"If it had been a conventional aircraft, then in relation to size, the spread of the power sources (engines) would have meant that it would have needed to be flying at mast height, and therefore deafening us with the noise from the engines!
If not a conventional aircraft…and if it were all one craft (a single object), then it was COLLOSSAL! It took a full five minutes to go from first starboard sighting to our port side horizon. There was silence…. and the light emitted from directly behind the power source appeared effervescent before forming into a straight beam of light, which stretched across the entire sky. It was awe inspiring!"

"The sighting was never placed in the ships log as we thought that no one would ever believe us and we did not want to be the subjects of ridicule. We knew that there was a ship about 100 nautical miles to our starboard and which we contacted by radio, but they did not report anything unusual. I find it inconceivable that they didn't see it!! - unless the lookout and officer were doing a crossword or something! There was a feeling of euphoria after this sighting. Personally, I could not sleep after I had finished my watch at 4.00am. I immediately made a sketch of what I had seen, which I still have".

"There was I think, a nuclear test taking place at Wake Island at around that time, and I often wondered if what we saw was some unknown Russian spy craft, but my knowledge of known spy craft, having been in the British Forces recent to the event, ruled this out."

"I am now 69 years old and I am sure my watch mate has died by now, as he was very much older than me. I have often wondered about this event and it has stayed with me all these years".

K. Taylor


Date: Last quarter of 1999
Time: 5.10 am
Location: A dairy farm near Bulls, North Island
Features/characteristics: cylindical object and 'figures' in farm paddock
Given the length of time since this event occured, UFOCUS NZ cannot carry out comprehensive investigation, and can only report the event as described by the witness.

The witness, a female farm worker, was up early and about to bring in the cows for milking. It was 5.10am and very dark. She went out to the shed to start up a small tractor and heard a bump in the shed which she assumed was a possum. She was not normally scared by such things, but on this occasion she recalls that her hair 'stood on end' and something did not 'feel right'. Fifteen minutes later, while herding the cows up the track, she observed a strange 'creature' in the headlight, lying in the hayrack. It was approx. 3 feet long, very black, and had disproportionately large green eyes. She was adamant it was not a dog, cat or possum.

She then sighted a solid black cylindrical object near the centre of the next paddock. Nearby she could make out 5 or 6 'gliding figures' moving around the object. No distinct features or limbs were visible in the gloom. Alone, and unable to do much about the strange situation, the witness moved the cows briskly on up the track. Nothing unusual was evident in the paddock later on. The witness kept quiet about the incident for years, afraid of ridicule or the possibility of losing her job. She told only close family members.

Click here for a fuller account and more drawings of this event: 'Holy Cow!'

Head of the creature with disproportionately large eyes


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