Suzanne Hansen

  • Founding Director UFOCUS NZ Research Network (2000)
  • Over 40 years experience in UFO sighting investigation & research
  • Public relations spokesperson
  • Conference lectures / group speeches
  • Archivist & website manager
  • 39 years experience in UAP/UFO research
  • International speaker & lecturer
  • Published author; documentaries & interviews


Graeme Opie

    • Aviation Consultant
    • Sighting investigator & researcher
    • Former Senior Air Traffic Controller Hamilton International Airport
    • NZ Commercial Pilot License
    • NZ Air Traffic Controller license
    • NZQA and CAA approved ATC instructor and Check Controller
    • CAA qualified meteorological observer
    • CAA approved Air Traffic Services investigator
    Graeme's sighting from control tower, Hamilton, 1995



    Wally Ingram

    • Sighting investigator & researcher



    John Cordy

    • Aviation consultant
    • Sighting investigator
    • Former member RAF (radar & electronic specialist)
    • Former British Air Traffic Controller
    • Former Chief Air Traffic Controller at Wellington International Airport

    John's sightings:
    UFO sighting UK, 1954
    ‘Kaikoura lights’ UFO sightings 1978


    Bryan Dickeson  BA, BSc

    • Science Adviser
    • Historic Archivist
    • Over 40 years experience in UFO sighting investigation and research
    • Published author


    Ian Porritt

    • Commercial analyst
    • Sighting investigator
    • Amateur astronomer working in the field of gravitational micro-lensing, having his own observatory and assisting in a number of new planet discoveries outside of our solar system


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