New Zealand Scheduled Flight Paths Map

This simplified flight route map illustrates examples of the major ‘instrument flight rule’ routes regularly flown by domestic general aviation aircraft, airliners, and military aircraft in New Zealand.

Such aircraft generally comply with these tracks, especially when approaching to land, or departing from the associated airports, as do international aircraft also.

However, flights may deviate from such tracks due to Air Traffic Control separation requirements, hazardous weather phenomena, or the need for aircraft to fly with favourable upper wind patterns that would enable significant fuel savings to be made. In addition, military aircraft often fly non-standard routes when training, or for military exercises.

Airline flight schedules are available on relevant airline websites. However, the arrival and departure times often change due to airline disruptions, and aircraft servicing.

Historical data on aircraft flight plans and their radar flight paths is only available to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Air Traffic Control. It is not generally available to the public.

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