New Zealand Aviation & Military
UFO / UAP Sighting Reports

New Zealand Aviation UFO /UAP Sightings:

1955 - ‘Flying light’ UFO seen by N.A.C. Captain and crew

1965 - Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) spotted by DC-3 pilot

1965 - Pilots sight ‘V-shaped’ UFO formation

1969 - Bristol Freighter aircraft / visual / radar case of UFO

1969 - Airport security officer sights UFO at close quarters

1971 - Airport employee photographs UFO

1973 - Pilot sights ‘intense ball of light’ UFO

1977 - Civilian Pilot Encounters Black Cigar-shaped UFO 

1977 - F-27 Fokker Friendship paced by UAP

1978 - DC10-30 airliner has near collision with cylindrical UFO

1978 / 79 - Argosy pilots sight the now famous 'Kaikoura lights' UFOs

1984 - Two NZ Boeing 747-200 airliners encounter 'dome of light' over Pacific

1995 - Air traffic controller sights UFO with flaming trail

2003 - Two NZ pilots sight glowing green UFO

Historic renowned cartoon from the Wellington Dominion Post, following controversy over the 1978-79 Kaikoura Lights sightings, and the assertion from officialdom they may have been caused by the lights from squid boats.
Reproduced courtesy Dominion Post.

New Zealand Military UFO / UAP Sightings:

1953 - RNZAF Sunderland ‘flying boat’ encounters UFO

1954 - RAF members and Shackleton crew report unexplained green UFO

1955 - RNZAF Navigator sights speeding blue UFO

1956 - Unidentified UFO echoes mystify Air Force Base radar operators 

1963 - RNZAF Pilot sights brilliant white flashing UFO 

1974 - RNZAF Officer sights glowing 'bar-bell' UFO


UFO photographed from the deck of HMNZS Royalist returning from the 1965 Waitangi Day celebrations. The smaller detail taken from the negative has been independently scanned and verified as original and not digitally manipulated in Photoshop.

Source: NZ Navy Museum website:

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