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New Zealand Articles

 NZ Sightings of Cigar-shaped and Cylindrical UFOs/UAP
 Examples of sleek cylindrical objects 1952-2014.
 UFO Archives - an underrated and vanishing resource
 Details of historic NZ UFO groups and organisations, and the wealth of historic UFO material in their archives.
 NZ Pilot Encounters with UFO/UAP  Detailing three aircraft encounters with UFO/UAP in New Zealand airspace.
 1944 The 'Sign of the Takahe' Event The highly detailed 'Mrs. Church case'; a vintage NZ sighting, Christchurch, NZ.
The '1909 Kelso Airships' of New Zealand

 Detailed historical accounts and newspaper articles of these extraordinary sightings.
UFO Sighted by Air Traffic Controller
A multiple witnesses sightings of a 'flaming orb' over the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions, North Island, NZ, 1995.

Investigation into Harmonic 41188837
A report detailing initial findings and speculation resulting from an ongoing investigation conducted in the Wellington / upper South Island regions, NZ, 2007.

2003 'winged bullet' sightings, Coromandel

Corroborative sightings of cylindrical craft and lighting configurations, Coromandel & Hauraki, North Island, NZ, 2003-2005.

Geometry in the Sky

Sightings of rectangular & trapezium shaped craft, central North Island & Bay of Plenty, NZ, 2007.

'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining'

Anomalous clouds, cone and teardrop-shaped objects, Taupo, Rotorua, & Bay of Plenty, NZ, 2002-2006.

Holy Cow!

A landed object, creature, unusual figures observed on a dairy farm paddock, Bulls, North Island, NZ, 1999. 

THE New Zealand 'UFO' Wave of 1909.

Sightings of the infamous 'airships' in Southland, NZ, 1909.

RNZAF Camp UFO Sighting, 1944.

A report of a huge UFO sighted in the South Pacific during WWII from an RNZAF camp based there.

The Moreland Sighting.

Sighting of a craft and occupants witnessed by a farmer's wife in Blenheim, South Island, NZ, 1959. Investigated by RNZAF.

The Ngatea Mystery Circle - Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?

Report on the mysterious 'burnt' circle found on a Ngatea farm, Hauraki, North Island, NZ, 1969.

The 'Puketutu Nests'.

Circles found in the weeds of dew ponds on a King Country farm, North Island, NZ, 1969-1971.

The Kaikoura Lights. A world renowned cluster of UFO sightings, 1978/79, with radar, visual and photographic evidence.

The Gisborne 'UFO Flap'.

Extensive UFO sightings in the Gisborne area, East Coast, & Waimata Valley, North Island, late 1970s.

 Two Fishermen Experience Close Encounters  Sightings of craft and entities, 2011 and 2012, Part 1

 Hunters Tracked by a UFO and its Occupant  Sightings of craft and entities, 2011 and 2012, Part 2

 Sightings of 'Black Triangle' (Air)craft  Dome Valley, Warkworth and Outram, near Dunedin, 2013

  Why Don't Astronomers See UFOs?  An astronomer's response to the question.


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