Ahipara Beach, Northland - UFO / UAP Sighting and Photographs

Date: Saturday 28 April 2007
Time: 5.42 pm (sunset)
Location: Ahipara Beach, Northland
Duration: Approx. 4 mins 30 secs
Unidentified: unusual aerial phenomenon (UAP).

After watching the progressing sunset, the witness was in his car ready to leave the beach, when he noticed a bright, white light in the sky with a short blurry tail behind. It appeared to be moving very slowly in a northerly direction (away from the observer, and slightly to the right in his field of vision).

He quickly got out his camera to get a closer view, to ascertain whether it could be a bright star or planet (there were no other stars visible in the sky). Using the zoom setting he saw that the unusual light or object appeared oval in shape. He observed it for approximately 4 ½ minutes during which time he took a series of eight photos. The witness did not hear any sound.

The witness sighted the object very close to the time that the sun set over the headland. There was still some light in the sky, and the moon was rising in the east at the time of the sighting. The object is certainly not a cloud. Carter Observatory has confirmed exact sunset time in relation to the time the photos were taken.

The photos were taken using a Sony digital camera, model DSC-F828. When the witness viewed the photos on his computer, he saw distinct images. The object’s shape or angle of movement appeared to alter slightly as it moved further away, as seen in each photo, although the movement was almost imperceptible to the witness at the time of sighting.

The photos have been examined by an overseas optical data analyst who noted that the shapes in the images are most unusual, and could possibly be consistent with a jet contrail viewed ‘end on’. However ATC has confirmed that there were no scheduled flights in that area at that time. ATC has stated that if it were a contrail, they would expect to see consistency of shape from both trails, and a ‘flow-off’ similar to a cirrus cloud, if blown by winds. The shapes in the photographs are compact.

The analyst stated that although the object or shape appeared to be moving slowly from the witness’s point of view, the object could have been traveling rapidly but seen from the rear, its speed was not apparent. He also stated that while the object did not display flight characteristics at the time of photographing that would necessarily distinguish it as a ‘craft’ of unkown origin, the shape of the image certainly suggests a circular ‘something’ with a dome-like top.

Both UFOCUS NZ and the analyst agree that no firm conclusion can been reached as to what this strange object is, and at present it is classified simply as an unusual aerial phenomenon (UAP).

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