1998 – Police Officer Sights Airborne Metallic UFO

Date: March 1998
Time: 11 am
Location: Auckland, North Island
Witness/es: police officer, and a member of the public
Duration of sighting 10-20 seconds. Clear blue sky, excellent visibility.
The witness was in a park when a flash or reflection caught his eye. Looking up, he observed a round metallic object stationary almost directly above him, which he knew straight away was not an aircraft.

The witness stated he watched the object intently, as he knew he may only have limited time to observe it. It was circular and metallic-looking, with three levels or shaped tiers, giving it the appearance of a hat. There was a large hose-like pipe hanging from the underneath. He recalls it reminded him of a vacuum cleaner hose pipe. The object was around the size of a bus or large truck. The witness estimated it hovered some 500 metres above the ground. The object moved off and was lost from view towards the sun’s position in the sky. A member of the public also witnessed the object.

The witness stated that although over ten years had passed since the sighting, it has frequently crossed his mind.


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