1974 - Large Object Emerges from Sea off Aranga Beach, Northland

Date: 5 August 1974
Time: Early afternoon
Location: Off the shore of Aranga Beach, Northland, North Island
Special features/characteristics: unidentified submerged object (USO)
Duration of sighting 20-30 minutes.
Visibility excellent; ocean had a light swell; slight wind from the southeast; sky very clear except for a few higher clouds to the southeast.

Two witnesses were setting up a camping area away from the beach. One of the witnesses went down to the beach to dig shellfish for lunch. Out to sea at an estimated distance of 2 to 3 miles, he observed a very large dark object protruding from the water, and there appeared to be several smaller “dots” flying around it. The witness assumed that these small objects were helicopters circling above a ship or submarine. They appeared to be circling at about the same speed as a helicopter would. After a while, he returned to the camp to tell the other witness about this unusual sight, and then returned to the beach again.

By now, the objects that he had assumed to be helicopters were no longer visible anywhere in the sky. To his astonishment, the large object that he had assumed to be a ship or submarine began to rise from its position in the water and hovered stationery for a minute or two, well above the surface of the water. The object then continued climbing until the witness saw a ‘glint’ from a higher altitude directly above the original spot it had first emerged from the sea, followed by a ‘streak’ as the object disappeared at a phenomenal speed at a 90° angle to the west.

The observer described the relative size of the object as being approximately one thumb width wide (held at arm’s length) when semi-submerged, and approximately 8 to 10 thumb widths wide when it was fully airborne. He described the accompanying ‘dots’ or objects as looking like “gnats” in relation to the sheer size of the main object.

The second witness came down to the beach in time to see the residual “streak” in the sky as the object disappeared at speed.

Both are credible witnesses, one being associated to aviation.


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