1954 - RAF Members and Shackleton Crew Report Unexplained Green UFO

Date: 1954
Time: 11 pm
Location: RAF Base St. Eval, outside Newquay, England
Aircraft/other: RAF base
Witness/es: John Cordy, an RAF airman, crew of an RAF Shackleton aircraft
John Cordy states: “This UFO sighting happened while I was stationed at RAF St. Eval just outside Newquay, England, in 1954. I was on ground duties working in Operations on the night shift whilst recovering from an ear infection.

I was walking from the mess to Ops at around 11 pm. It was a clear starry night and I was just about to enter when an airman called my attention to the sky.

Looking up at where he was pointing, I saw a green light with a reddish tail moving from the southwest to the northeast. While we stood watching, it changed direction, and this to me ruled out the possibility of it being a meteor.

At that time there was an Air Ministry ruling that all sightings must be reported, so we went in. I took over the watch and started to fill out the form. Whilst I was doing this, the signals office gave me the hard copy of a message received from one of our Shackletons. They were required to send position reports hourly to base.

This message was timed some twelve minutes earlier and showed a position some six hundred miles out into the North Atlantic. Attached to it was the report of an observation of a green light with a reddish tail travelling on a north-easterly heading.

We plotted out the aircraft’s position and drew in a north-easterly course line and found it came very close to our position, which led us to believe that we and the Shackleton crew had seen the same object.

Both reports were filed as required, but apart from an acknowledgement, I never heard any more as to what the ‘experts’ thought it might be – and – I still don’t know!”

(John Cordy is a former Chief Air Traffic Controller, having served in this position at Wellington International Airport, NZ. He is also an aviation consultant and sighting investigator for UFOCUS NZ. See John's profile .)


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