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                                                             Eulogy for Graeme Opie
In memory of our beloved friend and colleague, Graeme Opie,
27 August 1945 - 24 August 2015.
Rest in peace Graeme.  The Universe is waiting to embrace you.

It is with deep sadness that UFOCUS NZ staff announce the passing of our beloved friend and colleague, Graeme Opie. Graeme passed away on Monday 24 August, just two days before his 70th birthday, surrounded by his loving family, following a long illness .

Graeme began his career in the NZ Air Force, before becoming an air traffic controller, serving 33 years in ATC. He was Senior Air Traffic Controller at Hamilton International Airport for much of this time. He also held a private pilot's licence, and had expertise in meteorology and air crash investigation. 

Graeme and I have worked together in UFO research and sighting investigation for 20 years, since 1995. He agreed to join our staff after sighting a UFO from the Hamilton control tower. This was a huge step to take at that time, as he was still working as a Senior ATC, however he received a lot of support and approval from his colleagues. 

Graeme has appeared in a number of documentaries, including 60 Minutes, National Geographic, Korean TV, and TVNZ interviews. He was known by us all for his meticulous attention to detail, his dry sense of humour, and his genuine love for and care of us all. He was a fine man, with a wide range of interests - a true seeker of knowledge and a humanitarian. I cannot adequately express the deep sense of loss we feel without him.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Graeme's wife Angela, and family.

 For one last time Graeme, "You are cleared for take-off."

Suzy Hansen, on behalf of Graeme's friends and colleagues in UFOCUS NZ 

UFOCUS NZ's Mission Statements:


  1. To collect, analyse and study reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP / UFO / UAS) occurring in New Zealand in a serious, objective and scientific way
  2. To determine whether occurrences of UAP activity compromise safety of air operations / aviation in New Zealand
  3. To study and collate patterns of UAP activity occurring around times of seismic and volcanic activity in New Zealand

 UFOCUS NZ confers with professionals in air traffic control, aviation, astronomy, astrophysics, meteorology, photographic data analysis, police, psychology, general medical practice and counselling, to assist us in the analysis of UAP sighting reports / incidents.

UFOCUS NZ offers:


  •     Confidential support and information for those who have experienced UAP / UFO sightings / close encounter incidents
  •     Referrals to professionals


  •     Speeches and presentation lectures
  •     Educational talks
  •     Interviews and information
  •     UFOCUS NZ 'NEWSLINK' email UAP/UFO-related news output - email us to join our list

Archival Resource:

  •     An extensive archive of NZ UAP/UFO sightings and related events, dating back to 1908

(Artwork by Tracey Taylor - 'Blue Planet')

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