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UFOCUS NZ signs agreement of cooperation with Chilean aviation/military group, CEFAA

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UFOCUS NZ's Mission Statements:

  1. To collect, analyse and study reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP / UFO / UAS) occurring in New Zealand in a serious, objective and scientific way
  2. To determine whether occurrences of UAP activity compromise safety of air operations / aviation in New Zealand
  3. To study and collate patterns of UAP activity occurring around times of seismic and volcanic activity in New Zealand

 UFOCUS NZ confers with professionals in air traffic control, aviation, astronomy, astrophysics, meteorology, photographic data analysis, police, psychology, general medical practice and counselling, to assist us in the analysis of UAP sighting reports / incidents.

UFOCUS NZ offers:

  •     Confidential support and information for those who have experienced UAP / UFO sightings
  •     Referrals to professionals

  •     Speeches and presentation lectures
  •     Educational talks
  •     Interviews and information
  •     UFOCUS NZ 'NEWSLINK' email UAP/UFO-related news output - email us to join our list

Archival Resource:
  •     An extensive archive of NZ UAP/UFO sightings and related events, dating back to 1908

(Artwork by Tracey Taylor - 'Blue Planet')

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